The Better man

A place for men to remember their purpose and power.

Principles of The Better Man

  • Master of his Life
  • Lives his truth
  • Attracts, doesn't chase
  • Polarizes
  • Shrugs his shoulders at the pointless bullshit
  • Has ZERO time for negativity and drama
  • Is confident and charismatic
  • Prioritizes his health and fitness
  • Resourceful - he gets shit done
  • His word means something
  • Has deep, meaningful relationships
  • Has outgrown weak attempts to satisfy his ego
  • Is constantly growing, learning, adapting

The wrong men rule the world

The wrong men are ruling the world.

Power corrupts, after all.

The antidote to corrupt, power-addicted weak men is MORE independent-minded BETTER MEN.

It's our responsibility to master ourselves and then lead others to do the same so we can make the world a better place for the next generation.

Colin Stuckert

FOUNDER, Podcaster, Thinker, Father, Human
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